Do I need experience to rent equipment? :
While experience is not required to rent equipment it is highly
recommended that you have previous rafting or kayaking
experience with a guided outfitter before attempting any river on
your own due to whitewater rafting and kayaking's inherent risks. We
offer guided rafting and kayaking trips that will teach you the basics
necessary to come back and try it on your own. When in doubt
always take a guided trip first!

What kind of vehicle do I need to transport a raft or
kayak? :
A vehicle with a solid roof rack that you can tie the boat to always
works best! Otherwise an inflatable kayak can fit into most car
trunks. For a raft you will need a pickup truck or SUV, or a hatchback
with a lot of room like a subaru outback. Also keep in mind you will
get the inside of your vehicle very wet and very dirty so choose a
guided trip if this doesn't sound like something you want to do!

What sections of the Lehigh can I rent equipment for? :
Our rental outpost is located at the put in for the upper lehigh
gorge. You can run the 9 mile upper gorge. The 13 to 17 mile lower
gorge(length dependent on takeout used) . Some people even
choose to run the upper and lower combined in one day although
this 25 mile+ trip is only recommended for extremely fit and
experienced individuals starting no later than 10 a.m.

Can I rent equipment to take to other whitewater
rivers? :
You can rent equipment for other rivers provided that the section
you are planning on running doesn't exceed class 3 in it's difficulty
rating. Class 4 and 5 rivers are not covered by our insurance and we
can not rent you equipment for those rivers.

What are some other river trips in the area?:
Besides the Lehigh River you can rent equipment for Pine Creek(the
Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania), Nescopeck creek, the Lackawaxen
river and the Mongaup river. Subject to adequate water levels or a
scheduled dam release. Call an adventure specialist for more
information, trip advice and current water levels.
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